America 2nd Chance provides responsible households a transparent path to homeownership through its Lease with a Right to Purchase Program. The program provides one to five years* of rent certainty with an initial financial commitment of just one year.

*In Texas, the maximum total lease term is 3 years.

How It Works

1.) Prospective Household applies for approval.
2.) Household finds a America 2nd Chance qualified home.
3.)America 2nd Chance buys the qualified home, household leases from America 2nd Chance.
4.)Household has the right to purchase the home.


Standard Residential Lease America 2nd Chance Lease with a Right to Purchase
Sign A Lease
Financial Commitment Limited to 1 Year
Security Deposit Required
Rental Rate Certainty Typically 1-2 Years 5 Years ( 3 Years in TX )
Right to Purchase
Mutual Responsibility to Maintain Home
Right to Purchase the Home at a Predetermined Price
Pick from Many* Homes Available

*Based on qualifying factors