Living in Fort Myers, Florida

Colorful Spanish influenced buildings overlooking the water

Like its name suggests, Fort Myers was founded for use as a base of operations for the Army during the Indian Wars. In modern times, it remains prized for its strategic location, which makes it an excellent starting point from which to explore the rest of what Southwestern Florida has to offer, whether that means its natural beauty or the numerous tourist accommodations making use of that natural beauty. Of course, the city has more than its fair share of attractions for its residents as well, which range from the peaceful exclusivity of Captiva Island to the constant energy of Fort Myers Beach.

Are you in interested in living in Fort Myers while enjoying the benefits of living in a single family home, but not prepared to commit to a mortgage? If it’s better for you to have more time so you can be more confident about the home and neighborhood or simply save more before choosing to buy, then the America 2nd Chance program may be ideal for you – with a transparent process that puts you in control. America 2nd Chance is now serving the Fort Myers area with our Lease with Right to Purchase Program. This program provides Fort Myers-area residents with the opportunity to lease a home of their choice, before having to make that ultimate decision to buy. Enjoy the comfort of knowing that you can rent a single family home for up to five years and have the opportunity, but not the obligation to purchase that home, all at pre-arranged terms. America 2nd Chance is committed to making homeownership a reality for more people, helping more people get into homes, in neighborhoods they love, with the opportunity to build a more secure financial future.