Living in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago skyline aerial view

Founded on a portage between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River, Chicago was fated to become one of the United States’ commercial centers from the start. Now as then, it remains a popular choice for both people interested in business and people interested in settling in for the long run, which in turn, make it a world leader in business, culture, and science. Near North Side is the perfect choice for Chicago residents interested in learning as much as possible from its numerous museums while also enjoying themselves with an outstanding quality of life. In contrast, Lakeview is a good choice for those who love a wider range of possibilities in its wider range of homes.

Are you in interested in living in Chicago while enjoying the benefits of living in a single family home, but not prepared to commit to a mortgage? If it’s better for you to have more time so you can be more confident about the home and neighborhood or simply save more before choosing to buy, then the America 2nd Chance program may be ideal for you – with a transparent process that puts you in control. America 2nd Chance is now serving the Chicago area with our Lease with Right to Purchase Program. This program provides Chicago-area residents with the opportunity to lease a home of their choice, before having to make that ultimate decision to buy. Enjoy the comfort of knowing that you can rent a single family home for up to five years and have the opportunity, but not the obligation to purchase that home, all at pre-arranged terms. America 2nd Chance is committed to making homeownership a reality for more people, helping more people get into homes, in neighborhoods they love, with the opportunity to build a more secure financial future.